Boat fixin’

Even though Gerard did tons of work during his two weeks here, there was
more to do once we got here. Steve worked on getting the fresh water
leak fixed by replacing the hose on the starboard(left) fresh water
tank. I worked on get the prop generator(Oscar) back on. Oscar generates
electricity for us when we’re sailing. I reattached the wires and
mounted it back in it’s place. We think we have to adjust tomorrow. Oh

After our hours of work we took a break for lunch and Susan bought us
poisson cru at a local restuarant. It was very tasty. It’s like ahi tuna
ceviche or poke’ but with coconut milk mixed in and veggies like
cucumber mixed in. It’s the main dish Tahiti is known for. Today’s was
probably the best I’ve had here. It was a lunch in the local style, very
leisurely. And just like in France the check only appears after you ask
for it.

Lunch over, we were hot and decided to go for a snorkel right here off
the boat harbor. Susan wanted to visit her favorite anenome. It has a
beautiful bright pink underbelly. Quite astonishing. I will certainly
run out of adjectives and superlatives to describe what I see. The
anenome is filled with blue dot damsel fish that dart in and out as we
snorkel. Also in our half hour swim we saw a big moray eel, and lots of
little keiki fish of all sorts. One of our favorites are the pennant
bannerfish. They’re a bit shy, but very cool.

Back at the boat we did a bit more work. I put the new belt on one of
the other juice generating altenators. This is the big efficient guy
that really cranks out electricity when the engine is running. Which it
currently is to charge the batteries for then night. We had a good
amount of wind today and the wind generator did a good job keeping us

It’s been fairly hot and humid since we got here. During dinner tonight
we had a pretty good squall go through dumping a heavy rain. It has
cooled down a bit, but cooler air has yet to make it below where I

We’re still waiting to hear from the boat yard about the stantions and
we may go without them, jury rigging what we have. We’re excited to go,
but may well stay here in French Polynesia for a little more time in the
water. It’s hard to leave these beautiful fish. But alas there a plenty
of fish in the sea. OK, stop groaing.