Under way

We left Raiatea! We didn’t go far, just to Tahaa, the island next door
in the same lagoon. But it feels great to leave Uturoa. We checked out
with at very handsome Gendarme at the local station, got fuel, baguettes
and sailed for a while. Then we had to motor the rest of the way. We’re
currently anchored off motu Atara on the north east side of Tahaa.

Steve and I tried his air hookah and found we needed weights. After
donning weights it was much easier. The skies were cloudy so the colors
weren’t bright, but there are lots of baby fish around the boat in the
coral. There are plenty of adults too.

All three of us are relieved to be on our way. Tomorrow we head on. We
may try to stop in Maupiti or Mopelia, the later of which is a turtle
sancutary. Both have difficult entrances to their lagoons with strong
currents in them. South West winds continued today, which is where we
want to go, so until that changes much is up in the air. Bora Bora is
still possible too. It’s where the wind takes us.