We’re off.

Finally, we’re in shape to get going tomorrow. We’re stocked up on food
and have new batteries.

The old batteries wouldn’t hold a charge all night with very little on.
We also got a battery for Steve’s scuba hookah. So, we have a spare and
we saved one of the old ones, just in case. Changing the batteries
turned into a bigger project than we thought, but now it’s done we’re

I did find some new things I hadn’t seen before in the stores: shelf
stable boxed sauces, like hollandaise. I had to buy one of them.
Shopping was a joy. We’re nicely loaded up with Tahitian/French
food. We’ll get some baguettes in the morning, fill up the fuel tank and
at least leave Uturoa.

Where we go for our shakedown cruise isn’t decided, but it’s either
Tahaa or Bora Bora. I can’t say one is better than the other, but the
diving we did last year off Tahaa was amazing.

I’m going to also try and upload a picture that I’ve made small in size.
Look in the photos section and someone email me back that it’s there.
It’s a picture of Susan’s anenome with a blue spot damselfish.

I hope I’m not boring you all to death with all these details, but I
think I’ll enjoy having this record to read again later. I want to
remember as much as possible of this gigantic adventure.

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