well maybe

Apparently French Polynesia isn’t done with us yet. Last night it rained
hard and the morning finds us with mixed weather. Rain on and off and
westerly winds. Unfortunately, west is where we want to go. As Steve
says “Murphy’s Law.” So, it’s still up in the air where we head today.

There are way worse places to be waiting. Uturoa is cute and has
everything we need and most of what we want. And then there’s the
grocery stores. But, I already went on too long about that. So, beware
abrupt subject change coming.

Dogs abound here. They run around and don’t apparently have owners. They
all look at you with sad doe eyes hoping for a handout. I haven’t found
one yet freindly enough to pet. Yesterday, a beautiful border collie was
sitting on the dock not far from the boat. The moment I took one step in
his/her direction the dog took off like a bullet and didn’t stop running
for quite a ways. Oh well for so much for doggy diplomacy.

Time to dial in and get some weather reports.