Happy at anchorage

Last night after our dinner of duck breast, yellow wax beans, fried
green tomatoes and hockey puck corn muffins the sky started to light up
with lightening. It was far off and pretty sight. The stars above were
amazing. I could even see the Magellenic Cloud. It’s just a round whisp
of light in the sky even in the binoculars. However it is two galaxies
each the size of the Milk Way superimposed on each other. Of course, the
Milky Way was in view. Not the candy bar. Although we did have a bit of
chocolate for dessert.

A few hours later the storm had moved over us and the boat was rocking
and rolling. We had anchored in sand which is a pretty good place to
anchor. Still, we were worried about dragging the anchor and ending up
grounded or hitting coral heads damaging the boat. The winds really
picked up along witht he waves. The bow of the boat where I was sleeping
in the v-berth groaned with the sound of the chain bouncing. I got up
twice to adjust it to try and lower the noise. Apparently though, I
slept through the worst of it when Susan and Steve were up contemplating
our circumstances.

This morning finds us in party cloudy weather with a bit of wind
blowing. Still this little atoll is gorgeous. We’re planning on staying
here at least for one more day. We will explore the beach and the ocean
nearby and visit the gaggle of birds around.

We have been sucessful at getting some weather and I’m about to dial in
to get more and send this missive.

Our love to all. We’re really grateful for your words of encouragment.