On our way

We left Mopelia the day before yesterday and headed out for Roratonga.
We started out very nice and easy, but that didn’t last long enough.
After our dinner of lobster that Steve caught the winds picked up and
shifted directly to where we’re going. So, change of plans. We’re still
headed to the Cook Islands, but Aitutaki instead of Roratonga. After a
day and half plus of winds in the wrong direction, things are looking

I’m experiencing a little seasickness, but nothing too dramatic. I just
feel a little dizzy and a little nauseous. Not bad enough to stop me
from eating. Although, I must admit that this typing is getting to me a
little, so I’ll cut this short.

We’re safe and slowly slogging our way to Aitutaki. The skies are clear
and the boat is pretty steady on a starboard tack. Susan is about to
start up the Iron Gennie (the engine). The front sail is called a Genoa
or Jib. So, the engine is the iron gennie.

We hope you’re all doing well.