Going nowhere, slowly at great expense.

A tongue in cheek book that Andrew gave me and Susan has already on the
boat defines sailing as “the fine art of getting wet and becoming ill
while slowly going nowhere at great expense.” This is proving very true
since our departure from lovely Mopelia. Also, from the book is the
definition of course: the direction in which a skipper wishes to steer
his boat and from which the wind is blowing. This is also proving true.

Since you cannot sail directly into the wind we cannot go to Roratonga,
nor to Aitutaki both in the Cooks. So we are going along as close to the
wind as we can, beating. The popularity of this Coconut Milk Run is the
easy downwind passages. Ha. Beating is difficult and makes everything
you do on the boat hard. Just getting to the head and taking care of
things in there is a 15 minute deal.

Cooking becomes quite fun when you’re bouncing around the galley.
Luckily, the stove is gimballed. This means that it sways and stays
mostly level side to side. It’s very odd to watch. Still, we had
mushroom and pepperoni pizza for lunch yesterday and chili with corn
muffins for dinner. I have to keep us fed. The pizza dough came as a box
mix from Uturoa and was nice. It certainly was more of a flaky French
dough than the traditional Italian.

I’ve pretty much got my sea legs, although too much time reading or here
on the computer makes me a little dizzy. Nausea has passed completely. I
just noticed that on starboard (right) side out the forward port I can
see below the water when we crash through certain waves. It’s not there
all the time, but occasionally. It’s cool, but it means we’re beating.

We should make it to Aitutaki sometime tomorrow morning, motoring the
last way to get the course we need, unless the wind shifts. Our weather
reports say it will, but they’re not very accurate.

We’ve been putting together our drogue and it’s almost done. It’s
tedious, but keeps your hands busy while up in the cockpit with nothing
to do. We’re not quite repeating stories yet, but I’m sure we will
before this is all over. I told Susan I think she got me here on false
pretenses. Easy light tradewind sailing downwind. Right!