Aitutaki, Cooks Islands

We made it this morning to Aitutaki, in the Cook Islands. We had
originally set out for Roratonga, but the winds brought us here instead.
The passage into the “anchorage” is a bit shallow and we kissed the sand
once. Still, Susan expertly brought us here and we’ve put down two
anchors. I still feel like we’re moving. This anchorage is very small,
dragging anchor is a problem and there’s no room to swing. However, it’s
gorgeous. We have our “Q” flag up awaiting customs. Since it’s Sunday,
we’re not sure anyone will come out. We’re not supposed to leave the
boat until we’ve cleared customs. Church is going on and the sound of
hundreds of voices singing together wafts our way.

Aitutaki is called the Bora Bora of the Cook Islands. One can see why.
The water in the lagoon is crystal clear and all shades of blue
turqoise. Coral heads show up as dark patches and are numerous. We’re
ready to explore, but happy to sit and relax after our passage. The
water is very calm and Susan is making lunch. She cooked dinner last
night too. I’d say two meals in a row, but I made scones this morning.

We’re here and very glad to be. More to come after we’re allowed off the