Singing; jellies

In the water surrounding the boat are hundreds, if not thousands of moon
jellies. They don’t sting; although I think it tickles a little. I
picked up one yesterday and Susan got a nice photo of the moment. Their
topsides are a little like sandpaper. In the morning they’re deeper in
the water and during the day they’re pretty close to the surface.

This morning I woke up early and sat in the cockpit for a while.
Competing with the dogs and roosters was the sound of a church choir.
Steve went to a mass last night, which was a children’s mass. They
sounded great even from the boat. This morning’s choir was less
boisterous, but created an equally beautiful sound. Church singing has
been heard everywhere we’ve been.

Today we’ll get some provisions and head off for some anchorages. We’re
excited to get to snorkel, swim and dive again. It’s been over two weeks
since we’ve had the opportunity. The visibility is supposed to be
excellent here; 90 feet! We met a guy who told us to buy frozen peas and
go snorkeling by his place at night. You can get sea horses to loop
around your fingers while they eat the peas. He said turtles are also

Susan’s bleeding the fuel line right now. She looked at the fuel filter
yesterday and forgot to bleed the fuel line. So, when we started the
engine to charge the batteries last night it only ran for a minute or so
and then died. Luckily, she has a lot of experience with this procedure.
The smell of diesel really bothers me. The fuel tank is open and my
stomach is churning. So, I’ll go…

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