Suva, Fiji

We made it to Suva, Fiji yesterday around 2:45 pm. We were told we
needed to check in by 3:00. Pandemonium ensued. The dinghy got quickly
inflated, the motor on and all three of us going off to the wharf, where
we were turned away and told to go to the yacht club and come around to
the wharf. We dinghyed back to the yacht club and took a taxi. It was
about 3:15 when we got to the wharf. Security held us for a while and we
were in Customs by 3:30. By 4:30 we had gotten through all paperwork and
completely checked in.

Susan and I walked through Suva and Steve took a taxi back to the Royal
Suva Yacht Club to inquire about getting slip. During our walk we saw
many people just getting off work. Almost all were men. We were walking
through a mainly industrial area. The Fijians are Melanesian in origin
and look much different from the Polynesians we’ve been seeing. Their
skin is much darker; hair more curly. They make up less than half of the
poplulation. The other big group are the Indio-Fijians. Their ancestors
came here as indentured workers 3 or 4 generations ago from India. They
too are dark skined with jet black hair.

Back at the boat we got cleaned up and went into town for Inidian food.
We asked at the yacht club where to go and they suggested “Singh’s Curry
House.” I was expecting cloth napkins and table cloths. It was a steamer
tray kind of place. They even had curried goat. Steve tried that. Susan
and I both had curried chicken. We also ordered several side dishes.
Everything was very tasty. The whole thing cost about $15 US. Very
cheap for the amount of food we had.

We came back to the boat and went right to bed. I awoke this morning to
the sound of a hurricane/tsunami/air raid/civil defense warning siren.
It didn’t last long, so I suspect it was just a test.

Suva is a big smoggy city and promises to have true high speed internet. So, once
again I’ll promise to upload some photos. Well, I promise to try

We’ll move the boat today to our slip at the Yacht Club. They’ve got to
move a boat out of the way first. It’ll be nice to have shore water to
waste. Even with the water maker we’re conservative with water. With a
hose hooked up we’ll feel free to wash all the considerable salt off

The weather is lovely. Actually cool. We went out last night with long
pants and jackets. The cab drivers were all complaining about how cold
it is. It was probably in the upper 60s. Yes, I know, we’re wimps.