Rainy Suva

Suva is on the windward side of the island and today it’s showing us the rain it’s known for. It’s a light rain, but pretty constant. Still there aren’t that many umbrellas in use.

The last couple of days have been sunny and bright. Almost no one wears sunglasses. I’ve seen a few Indio-Fijians with them, but that’s about it. The guidebook says that it’s rude to meet someone with sunglasses on.

After writing about the sulus I got to looking around and I was wrong about their colors. They come in many colors, but mostly all dark plain colors. In a shop today though, I saw many other choices. I’ve yet to see one of these on the street, so I suspect they’re just for us tourist to buy.

The bookstores here are filled with books and supplies for school children and little else. We’re looking for a guidebook to Vanuatu and New Caledonia, but nothing can be found. The Government bookstore did have the Lonely Planet Guide to Fiji.

Today I wandered into a part of town I didn’t know existed. Almost all the shops catered to the Indio-Fijian poplulation. The Big Bear store was a K-Mart kind of store with a little of everything. The high end clothing section upstairs was interesting. The men’s Neru collar embroidered suits started at about $125 USD and went way up from there.

The Hawaii-5-0 group is gathering in Honolulu. I really wish I could be there for what will be a long weekend of fun memories. Remember gentlemen: no bickering like the last time in Tahoe!

OK. I’m going to upload a few more photos now. So, check them out a bit later.

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