Pardon me?

With the exception of Aitutaki, almost everywhere we go we encounter
very soft spoken service people. The waitresses (not very many waiters)
all are impossible to hear. Added to their cute accents it makes
ordering food a challenge. I don’t know if they’re shy or something
else, but I just want to scream “Sing out Louise.” (“Gypsy” reference,
not Howard’s mom reference.)

Yesterday I went into town and found a whole other section; a major
street I had missed. It was filled with shops that catered to the
Indio-Fijians. Wait, did I already write about it? I think I did. I have
too much time on my hands.

At 5:00 pm I paid my $3.00 US to go see “The Breakup” with Jennifer
Aniston and Vince Vaughan. It wasn’t the best movie, but it certainly
was a lot more serious than I thought it would be. It was a bit of a
retread of “The War of the Roses.” It was a good way to pass a couple of
hours. Susan and I are going to see Superman Returns” today.

I went out for Chinese food last night. I had beef with choy sum. I was
just fair, but the experience of watching some Fijians have their first
Chinese was fun. It was obvious that one table near me had no idea what
to order. The rest of the restaurant was filled with mostly Fijians and
a few Indio-Fijians thrown in.

Back at the Royal Suva Yacht Club I stopped at the bar for a beer. One
Aussie I spoke to gave me a shocking statistic that I can’t quite
believe. He said that the unemployment rate here is 84%. I really can’t
believe that. No wonder there are so many cabs with drivers that are
anxious to know when you’re going back out, so they can come back and
pick you up again.

We’re hoping to leave tomorrow, but he weather doesn’t look good, so we
may be here until Sunday or Monday. Susan is dealing with fuel by taking
our jerry cans back and forth from the fuel dock. She rightfully doesn’t
want to leave our slip in this weather and try to get back in. She
expertly parallel parked the boat in here, but the wind was much lighter
and blowing from the opposite direction. We did just glide in so easily
before. The dock jackals even heaped praise on her.

Steve is dealing with securing our new 220v charger system so it doesn’t
go flying around when we’re under way. Many marinas and yacht clubs
provide electricity as part of the fee. Unfortunately, the boat can
only plug into 110v. So, Susan and Steve went and bought a 220v battery
charger that we’ve rigged up and plugged into the outlet that the yacht
club provides. So, we’ve got unlimited power. That’s a real treat. The
hose is connected too, so we have unlimited fresh water too. Life is
good, except the weather. Which will change