Fiji tidbits

Here’s some unrelated stuff about Fiji I haven’t yet written about:

Fiji got their independance from Brittain in 1970. Betty, HRH Queen
Elizabeth II is still on the back of all demoninations of Fijian

Greeting us outside of Suva as we arrived last week was a pod of pygmy
killer whales. Bigger than dolphins, they romped in the surf a ways off
the boat. We hoped that they would come over and bow ride, but they

Where’s the beef? It’s very scarce in the grocery stores I’ve been in
all across the South Pacific. I was able to buy some frozen steaks at
one place, but most didn’t have beef.

Fiji’s grocery stores were much of what we’ve seen elsewhere. There were
tons of tins of corned beef, corned mutton, and mackerel. Where the
stores differed was the selection of Indian food and spices. The produce
in Fiji was also several grades better than elsewhere. The farmer’s
market was immense. It had just about anything you could want and it all
looked fresh.

Our last night in Suva, we went out to eat at Tikos. It’s a floating
restaurant and very nice. We started out with Fiji’s version of
marinated fish. It was walu in coconut milk with some sliced veggies.
Very good. It was the first time, this dish that has been everywhere
we’ve been, that the fish wasn’t tuna. Our waitress said, “oh no, we use
tuna for sushi.” I had surf and turf which was good. Susan had a filet
mignon and Steve some fresh whole fish. We splurged and had dessert too.
One each. We were trying to use up our Fijian dollars; we were

Leaving Viti Levu (Suva’s island) took us more than all day. It’s
something about sailing that I never knew until I started doing it. You
leave a place and still you go by it all day and into the night if it’s
of any size. Viti Levu seems bigger than Oahu and we spent all day
and then some watching it go by.

We’re now having our coconut milk run winds and waves. The winds are
perfect and the waves have died down. This is the ride we had expected,
but so far have rarely seen. The weather reports some shifting winds
over the next day and then back to trade winds. So, our run to New
Caledonia should be quick one. Famous last words.