Yucky weather

Like I said last time: famous last words.

About 3:00 A.M. today the winds started to shift around to the west,
which is where we want to go. Last night’s watches weren’t fun for any
of us. Steve got soaked in a downpour and Susan had some pretty rough
waves. I guess mine was the best with just some wind shifts at the end
of my time. Today we’ve spent tacking back and forth slowing making some
forward progress. The winds are starting to shift again and we’re
slowly being able to turn back on course.

It’s been cool and cloudy with short squalls of rain. So, we’re dressed
up in the bright yellow foul weather gear that reminds me of what I
walked to school in on rainy days when I was in the first grade. Down
below the temperature is even a tad cool. It’s the kind of day that
you’d rent a movie and stay home all day.

So, we’ve got at least a couple of more days until we reach Noumea,
depending on what happens next.