I’m back on the boat with a keyboard I know. It’s so confusing when
several keys have been moved. It wasn’t just the punctuation, some of
the letters too.

Noumea is wonderful. It’s closed down, because it’s Sunday. The Chinese
stores are open, but that’s about it. McDonalds is very busy too. The
city is very pretty and modern. It’s about 1/3 the size of Suva, but
much more developed.

We got here about 2pm yesterday and were checked in about 5pm. The
marina is gorgeous. It comes with hot showers!!!!!! Can you tell I’m
excited about that. I took a very long one this morning. As a welcome
the marina also gives you a round of drinks at the restaurant/bar. That
was really nice. After our free drinks we went in search of someplace to
eat. The guidebook says there are 130 places. None were open. We found a
couple of unattractive places after walking for an hour. We decided to
go back to the marina and eat there. We were seated and later told that
the chef doesn’t come on until 7:00 pm. It was 6:30 and we’d been there
a while already. We knew that other than McDonalds we wouldn’t find
anything else open, so we ordered and waited.

Steve and I had the 3 meat plate. It had venison, kangaroo and ostrich
on it, with your choice of sauce and sides. It was wonderful. All three
meats were grilled to perfection and very tasty. Susan had soup and
salad and was very satisfied.

This morning Steve went to mass and Susan and I went off shopping. We
needed some warmer clothes. It’s very cool here: 66 degrees and lower.
We went into about 2 dozen shops in Chinatown and found some things. I
got a pair of long pants and Susan got two pairs. I still need another
long sleeve shirt, but I’ll wait until tomorrow when all the shops are
open. I didn’t find anything today.

We shopped at the market too. It’s right next to the marina and has a
fresh fish market, fresh veggie market, prepared foods, handicrafts and
souvenirs. We bought a bunch of stuff and brought it back to the boat
for lunch. We had smoked salmon tarte, tuna brioche gratin (tuna melt),
spring and summer rolls, and some very excellent poisson cru. We love
the food here!

We love Noumea. We’re probably rent the slip for two weeks and go out
for marine adventures on day trips. Then it’s off to Australia.