Lovely Noumea

Noumea is lovely, if a bit cool. Well, it’s cool too, but also the temperature is low. We’ve gone off and bought new clothes. I tried to find stuff that I could wear in Honolulu too. I got two pairs of long pants that are very light, but certainly help. I’m wearing a new long sleeve t-shirt.Now that the city is open, it’s easy to see why they call it the Paris of the Pacific. Most everyone is very friendly. You don’t get the smiles and “Bula” greeting like we did in Suva, but the shop keepers are very gracious. They do their best to understand my French and switch into English if they know it. I can generally make myself understood if in horrible French.

Susan went off this morning and got stuff for the boat, including a cruising guide for New Caledonia and a book about sea snakes. We see them going in and out of a patch of coral in the marina. They’re fantastic and venomous. They have a venom that is worse than a cobra’s. Luckily, they don’t bite without provocation. Well, rarely anyway.

We’re planning a day trip, in Honu, out tomorrow to an island that is 3 miles away for some snorkeling. We’ll come back to the slip afterward. On Wednesday we’ll go on a dive boat for an all day adventure. I’ll be renting a wetsuit as my shortie probably won’t be enough. All the pictures of people diving here have them in full suits with hoods on. So, the water isn’t very warm. All the books show such wonderful sea life though. I’m excited to get in the water.

That’s about it, as this computer is being weird and I can’t see what I’m typing……