Gerard is busy

This didn’t show up on the blog, so I’ll send now and add to it.

Gerard got busy yesterday and we assisted.

The annomometer(wind speed indicator) is back up and calibrated.

We got hatch parts at great expense and I fixed two hatches.

The 220v battery charger is now in a much better place(the basement for
those of you who know the boat) and out of the way.

The diesel fuel port has been replaced!!!(The smell makes me sick to my
stomach and it’s been leaking the whole time.)

And already this morning things are happening.

We went out to dinner at a place that Susan and I wanted to go to, just
because of it’s sign. It’s called Mr. Bouef. Mr. Beef. The sign is a
rotating world that has a cow in a Superman costume flying around it as
the whole thing spins. I think I have a picture to post. The food was

We’re planning at this stage to check out on Friday, and head off to
Australia over the weekend. It’ll be sad to leave here, it’s so
charming. We hope to anchor the last day off an island and get on last
water adventure in.

We found a snorkel spot the other day and used our full wetsuits to
snorkel. It was comfortable enough, but I should have had my hood on
too. We saw a bunch of neat things, including the fattest sea snake yet.
I got back my pictures from the disposable underwater camera, but most
of them aren’t very good.

Today finds us busy with the boat again. Gerard did lots of electrical
stuff with the batteries and rewired the 12volt socket next to this
computer that’s been giving us some trouble. Susan worked on fixing the
leaks in our hatches. I baked cookies, went grocery shopping and picked up
some parts Gerard needed.

The grocery store is big and wonderful. It’s full of French things and
Australian things. One thing I found that’s really cool is whipping cream
that is shelf stable in a waxy box. You can keep it on the shelf until you
open it. Today I saw it in the can already to squirt out, also shelf
stable. In fact in this area the rest of the world is way ahead of the
U.S. There are many products available this way. The deli had at least a
dozen kinds of pate’s and terrines. The meat counter is very extensive.
The canned goods section is better in some ways and not in others. In
French Polynesia there were way more selection of cassoulet. Here only a
couple of brands and no big expensive jar. However, the canned veggie
section is great.

I’m glad we’re leaving, as this food will expand my waist line.