Just about a week left!

Well, there’s just about a week left until I leave for Tahiti. The
details are stacking up. Susan is in Tahiti with Gerard, her boat
mechanic. He comes home on Sunday and has a few things to get fixed
that I’ll need to take back down May 13th. The backup autopilot is
broken and has to be shipped to New Hampshire for repair. We’re all
crossing our fingers that FedEx can get it there and back with a day
in the middle to get it fixed.

The boat is leaking in the cockpit into the head and aft cabin. Susan
had quite the surprise when she got there and the boat was moldy.
Then she found out that 3 generators were seized up. Luckily, they
had taken two new ones down anyway. We still need the one that prop
spins on the shaft while we’re sailing to generate electricity.
Gerard will get all three repaired and we’ll take them all back, two
as spare parts. You can always use spare parts.

I’m making finishing touches on the kitchen remodel. I really wanted
to finish it before I left for such a long time. We haven’t gotten
the countertops done, but that can wait until I get back. We expanded
the doorway into the kitchen near the front door and cut open the
wall that partially divides the kitchen from the living room. It
makes the kitchen feel bigger being able to see into the living room.
We sold the Indonesian armoire yesterday and now that window is no
longer blocked. That opens up the room even more. I’m very happy with
how it’s all turning out. I have more counter space and more cabinet
space too. I’ll have to do a complete reorganization when I get back.
I’ll post some pictures before I go.